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Facelift in Miami, FL

At New Look New Life, we are firm believers that you’re only as old as you feel. The way life is, many of us still feel as vibrant and youthful as we did in our twenties no matter how many candles decorate our cake. Because of this, it is often discouraging to look in the mirror and see a face that doesn’t quite match who you are inside. Facelift surgery can help to smooth away the bothersome lines and wrinkles and tighten sagging skin to give you the naturally youthful appearance to complement your fresh and uniquely you identity.

  • What is a facelift?

    A facelift (or rhytidectomy) is a cosmetic facial surgery that is performed to address signs of aging such as loose skin, wrinkles, and folds in the mid to lower region of the face. This surgery is one of the most popular and synonymous procedures when it comes to cosmetic surgery because of the dramatic results and powerful benefits it has for a person’s self-confidence.

    Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini performs this surgery by making carefully placed incisions in the front and behind your ears to ensure that when fully healed, they are nearly invisible. From there, she is able to reposition the underlying muscles and tissues to create a stronger foundation for lifted, well-refined facial contours. Excess skin is then removed with the remaining skin gently pulled tight and smoothed before closing incisions. The end result is a naturally youthful and well-rested appearance – still completely you, as though you have aged backwards several years.

  • What benefits can be expected with facelift surgery?

    Facelift surgery in conjunction with ancillary procedures can help to address a number of age-related concerns, including:

    • Loose facial skin and jowls
    • Hollow or sunken appearance of the cheeks (may require fat grafting)
    • Facial wrinkles or deep creases (may require laser resurfacing)
    • Excess facial fat (liposuction is part of the face lift)

    Your facelift with Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini primarily targets the area of the face from your upper cheeks to your neck. Other areas of the face, such as the eyes, can be addressed with other facial surgeries such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

  • Am I a good candidate for a facelift?

    A facelift is a great option for women and men who are wanting to achieve a more youthful appearance by addressing loose skin, sunken cheeks, or wrinkles and deep creases in the mid to lower face. This surgery can help to soften and smooth the effects of time so that you can age gracefully and minimize its signs while still looking like you – just younger and more refreshed.

    Some patients may choose to undergo this surgery at an earlier age as a preventative procedure, helping to strengthen the natural structures of their face and maintain their youthful appearance for years to come. A mini facelift is a less-invasive alternative to the traditional facelift that is a great choice for patients who are not yet ready for a full facelift, but want more aggressive results than non-surgical procedures.

    If you are only concerned about early signs of aging, such as minor wrinkles or folds, then Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini may recommend non-surgical treatments such as neurotoxins (Botox®️ or Dysport®️) or fillers to help maintain a youthful appearance.

  • Personalizing your facelift: What are your options?

    Your facelift with Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini will be completely personalized based on your specific goals and concerns, as well as the unique natural structure of your face. She will speak closely with you during your private consultation to determine the best approach to your surgery, and will discuss the different options available. If while speaking with you she feels another procedure may be a better option for you at the time, she will provide you with a recommendation for best achieving your desired outcome.

    When it comes to facelift surgery, there is the traditional method, as well as a mini facelift option. The mini facelift is best for less-severe signs of aging and has a shorter recovery period. Traditional facelift surgery can target more significant concerns to provide remarkable outcomes, and will require a longer period of recovery.

  • What to expect during your facelift recovery

    A facelift is a significant facial surgery that will require you to take at least a week away from work during recovery. You will experience some bruising and swelling, but this will gradually fade over the course of about 2-3 weeks and can be concealed with makeup.

    Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini will provide you with detailed care instructions and her personal cell number in case you have any questions or concerns while recovering at home. Follow-up appointments will also be scheduled to monitor your healing and ensure optimal results.

    As your skin continues to heal, you will begin to notice dramatic improvements in your overall appearance. Your facial contours will be more refined and lifted to a more youthful position while maintaining an incredibly natural look. Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini’s patients are often overjoyed when first seeing their final result and looking in the mirror will feel like you are staring at yourself from years before. The results of your facelift are designed to be long lasting, however, no surgery can completely freeze the effects of time. To maintain your youthful appearance, Dr. Karlinsky-Bellini recommends a good skin care regimen and plenty of sun protection – especially here in the ever-sunny Miami.

  • Ready for your facelift consultation?

    If you are unhappy with the appearance of loose facial skin or pesky wrinkles and folds, we would love to talk with you about the procedure and answer any questions you may have regarding surgery. Give us a call at 646.559.2854 to schedule a private facelift consultation with board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini. New Look New Life is located in the Bay Harbor Islands in beautiful Miami-Dade County, Florida.

We would love to discuss your surgery with you during a private consultation. New Look New Life is located in the Bay Harbor Islands just 30 minutes north of Miami. Contact our office online or give us a call at 646.559.2854 to schedule your facelift consultation with Miami cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini.

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Ready to schedule your mini facelift consultation?

We would love to discuss your options and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Give us a call at 646.559.2854 to schedule a private mini facelift consultation with board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Victoria Karlinsky-Bellini. New Look New Life is located in Hollywood, FL in beautiful Broward County.
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